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About Linikodas
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- 1D CCD Scanners
- 1D Laser Scanners
- 2D Barcode Scanners
- Wireless scanners
- Omnidirectional Scanners
- Industrial Scanners
- Customer Information Terminals
- Pen Readers
- Slot Readers
Data Terminals
- Portable Data Terminals
- Vehicle Mounted
RFID products
- RFID label printers
- RFID fixed readers
- RFID vehicle mount readers
- RFID handheld readers
- RFID antennas
- RFID tags
- RFID labels
- Small printers
- Middle range printers
- Industrial printers
- Mini printers
- Ticket and tag printers
- Portable Printers
- Line Matrix Printers
- Color printers
- Print and apply systems
- Accessories
Materials for Printers
- Thermal transfer ribbons
- Textile Label Materials
- Labels
- Ribbons for Line Matrix Printers
Plastic card printers
- Rewritable Plastic Card printers
- Colors Plastic Card printers
- Industrial Plastic Card printers
- Materials for Plastic Card printers
- Labelling Software
- Software for Data Terminals
- Software for Warehouse Managment
Industry Automation and Telecomunication Equipment
- Converters
- WLAN Equipment
- Industrial Ethernet Switches
- Serial to ethernet Products
- Media converters
- Video over IP servers
- Serial to Fiber converters
- Embeded computers
- Multiport serial boards
- Fixed Terminals
- Remote I/O devices
- USB to Serial Converters
- Terminal servers
- Modbus Gateways
- Serial-to-Ethernet Device Servers
- Serial-toWLAN Device Servers
Mobile Working Places
Data Processing
Wireless LAN
Logistics Solutions
Manufacturing Solutions
Company Inventory Management using RFID technology
IT Services
Consultations and training
Creation of radio maps
Equipment implementation, repair and maintenance
Printing Service
Labels and tags designe
Print on labels, plastics, textiles, cardboard
Textile labels clipping
Textile labels cutting / bending
Ultrasonic slitting of textile
Printing on plastic cards
Print work on textile
Thermal transfer printing
Offset printing
Card cutting jobs
The signature strip printing
Skrach off strip printing
Hologram printing
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Industries and Applications
Printing Solution with E-Class
Argox OS214, X2000 Printers for ticket printing
Argox OS203 for cafes, fast food establishments
Argox AS8000CL for booksellers
Argox OS, A, R, X, printers for print warning signs.
Aetra Water Company Achieves “One-Second” Service with Datamax-O’Neil Printers
Go-Ahead London Uses Portable Priners to Improve Ticketing at Wimbledon
Evolis ID cards
Evolis ID cards
Evolis ID cards
Evolis ID cards
Evolis ID cards
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Print work on textile ribbons until new year 2010 10 % Discount
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